The stakes are really escalating as the end of BRIGHTEST DAY grows near.
Today is Green Lantern day on THE SOURCE, and we're continuing with a tease from BRIGHTEST DAY #17 featuring the Star Sapphires. What happens in that issue?
The cat's out of the bag on Guy Gardner's secret pact with Atrocitus and Ganthet, and Kilowog's demanding answers from his teammate.
I may or may not have seen the following notes on Eddie Berganza's desk. Story elements for BRIGHTEST DAY 16: 1 Part, Underwater adventure and intrigue; 1 Part, Science Fiction epic; 2 Parts, Family Tragedy;
I won’t spoil that here, of course, but suffice to say, BRIGHTEST DAY #15 – from the team of writers Geoff Johns, Pete Tomasi and artists Patrick Gleason and Scott Clark – is a treat, taking readers down an unexpected path.
Well, more like a slew. A slew of goodness.
Deadman heads to Gotham to finally purge himself of the troublesome White Lantern ring – but is that really what the White Ring wants?
Before we roll into the full list of BRIGHTEST DAY solicits, we thought this merited a mention. Heck, the name alone gave us pause. “Aquawar”?


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