What happened after that Firestorm-induced lab explosion? What are the Hawks on the brink of discovering? And what’s that White Lantern doing in New Mexico?
The GREEN LANTERN team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Doug Mahnke continue to tell the tales of the New Guardians as they adapt to Earth and its people — plus the return of a fan-favorite brawler. But what’s Sinestro up to?
We’ll have a full preview of the third issue of BRIGHTEST DAY soon enough, but in the meantime, why not spend a few minutes eyeing these two lovely covers, courtesy of artists David Finch and Ivan Reis on the variant?
Sound like a good way to start the day? I’d hope so.
The headline says it all, folks. Here’s a first look at the BRIGHTEST DAY titles hitting in August, covers and all. Click below for more.
The BRIGHTEST DAY reaches Star City with GREEN ARROW #1, hitting next month from the team of writer J.T. Krul and artist Diogenes Neves. With “The Fall of Green Arrow” over, what is the status quo for our Emerald Archer?
A new era starts here for the GREEN LANTERN CORPS, as Tony Bedard steps in as the book’s regular writer, joined for the first arc by artist Ardian Syaf.


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