In this week’s issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE, the League comes up against a group of hostiles in Nomalia. The team will need to turn to their newest member—Jessica Cruz! 

In this week’s issue of RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS, Akila and her army of resurrected Amazons have come to take back Qurac from General Heinle – which could lead to the city's destruction.

In this week’s issue of EVERAFTER: FROM THE PAGES OF FABLES, Bobby Speckland, one of the Shadow Players, tries to rescue the students from their captors – but the attempt takes a shocking turn.

In this week’s issue of GREEN ARROW, Seattle has fallen. Oliver Queen is all too familiar with the destruction and betrayal the city has endured.

In this week’s issue of THE FLASH, Barry Allen is at a crossroads, fearing for the safety of the ones he loves after Eobard Thawne has tried to destroy everything he has. 

In this week’s issue of BATMAN BEYOND, the League of Assassins has launched an assault on the city, which forces Terry to act by jumping into an unproven combat suitbut Bruce warns him of it’s dangerous effects.

In this week’s issue of LUCIFER, Takehiko has come back to take revenge on Lucifer. He has only one goal – destroying his father and making him pay.  

In this week’s issue of ODYSSEY OF THE AMAZONS, The young Amazons are being held prisoner in Jotun by the Storm Giants. They manage to free themselves, but not before losing one of their own.

In this week’s issue of HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS, John Stewart and Hal Jordan need the help of the Sinestro Corps to save the universe from an unidentified threat.

In this week’s final issue of CLEAN ROOM, everything around Astrid Mueller is on fire. While there’s chaos outside, Astrid and her team are gearing up for the fight they’ve been waiting for.


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