In this week’s issue of SUICIDE SQUAD, Amanda Waller pays a visit to Lex Luthor to get something only Lex Luthor has – but isn’t ready to give it up so easily.

In this week’s issue of LUCIFER, Mazikeen rallies her hellish troops to prepare for war against the Presence, the faux god sitting on the throne of Heaven.

In this week’s issue of SUPERWOMAN, Superman, Steel and Lois must work together to keep Lana’s powers from destroying her. When Superman uses the Kryptonian Armor to restore her, however, the consequences are much worse than they expected.

In this week’s issue of THE FLASH #20, the bodies of Godspeed’s victims are disappearing. Iris West, with the help of Barry Allen, investigates the reason behind these disappearances.

In this week’s issue of EVERAFTER: FROM THE PAGES OF FABLES #8, Tanner returns home to find a disappointed Garrett. His father has yet again been absent.

In this week’s issue of AQUAMAN, H2.0 continues as the U.S. Navy Research base is under attack. Aquaman and Mera must work together with the Aquamarines and Scavenger to save it from an unlikely foe.

In this week’s issue of CLEAN ROOM, something is wrong—very wrong. As ordinary people go through their daily lives, bizarre things are happening everywhere—electricity going out, signals dropping, and most bizarre of all—the stars.


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