Longtime AMERICAN VAMPIRE fans know that there are many different strains of vampires and they are all vulnerable to something different.

Last week I gave a few clues about what’s coming up in 2012.
Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire are the amazing talents behind the highly acclaimed series AMERICAN VAMPIRE and SWEET TOOTH, respectively.
It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for; AMERICAN VAMPIRE is now in paperback!
Skinner Sweet was once a child growing up in the 1880s and his best friend was none other than . . . James Book!
We’re pleased to announce that the following Vertigo and DC Comics titles were nominated for The 2011 SCREAM AWARDS:
As Henry lies wounded and on the verge of death, Pearl and Skinner go head to head in the stunning conclusion to Ghost War.
The winners of The 2011 Harvey Awards were announced this weekend at the Baltimore Comic-Con. DC Entertainment took home awards for the following DC Comics and Vertigo titles.
Felicia Book and Cash McCogan infiltrate the catacombs beneath the castle and come face to face with the 77th Brigade of the Third Reich and their shocking secret!


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