It’s been a year since we launched AMERICAN VAMPIRE. We’ve had a ton of great press, buzz and awesome feedback from you, the fans—it’s all been so amazing.
The “Ghost War” rages on in the Pacific, in AMERICAN VAMPIRE #16, by Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque.
You may have heard that the next AMERICAN VAMPIRE storyline is a World War II epic.
Seven, they say, is a magic number. And this morning, we can't disagree. Because DC and Vertigo have put on an impressive showing, combining to win seven, yes seven of IGN's thirteen awards for the Best of 2010. Here's the rundown...
Today is the day to reveal the winners of the AMERICAN VAMPIRE Volume 1 hardcover!
The holidays are here again and that’s cool, because you’re going to visit with family, party with friends and get lots of sweet presents (unless you were naughty, then it’s coal for you, punk).
Next month Mateus Santolouco takes on AMERICAN VAMPIRE. Today, I have a conversation with him and ongoing series artist Rafael Albuquerque. Let’s get right to it.
Brazilian artist Mateus Santolouco is taking the reins from AMERICAN VAMPIRE series artist Rafael Albuquerque for a two-part story beginning with issue 10 (
Have you ever been absolutely terrified in a candy store? I have.
Today is one of those beautiful Fall days here in NYC and I’ve got a terrible cold, but I’m not letting that stop my excitement for AMERICAN VAMPIRE!


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