In the spirit of my favorite time of the year…here are a few things that scare me.
Writer Fabian Nicieza and artist Ramon Bachs kick off a new era for Azrael, Death's Dark Knight -- starting here.
Not long ago, with our first installment of "This Just Happened," we unveiled a look at the new Batgirl, Stephanie Brown (we also revealed
Writer Christopher Yost and artist Ramon Bachs conclude the first RED ROBIN arc with a bang, as Red Robin's search leads him to the deserts of the Middle East with the League of Assassins by his side.
Well, you heard the RED ROBIN news, so why not check out some pages hitting stores next week?
Counting down the hours until the weekend? Aren't we all? Well, we've got some news and art for you, so time can crawl by a bit faster.
The new Red Robin continues to scour the globe in search of clues that will help him determine the final fate of Bruce Wayne, in the pages of the new hit series from writer Chris Yost and artist Ramon Bachs.
In a few short days, the final chapter of BATTLE FOR THE COWL hits the stands and the entire world will learn the identity of the new Batman.


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