On 9/2, writer Eric Trautmann and artist Marco Rudy team up for THE SHIELD, a new ongoing series spinning out of The Red Circle one-shot and featuring an INFERNO co-feature.
J. Michael Straczynski's re-imagination of the Red Circle heroes begins here, with JMS teaming up with artists Tom Derenick and Bill Sienkiewicz to introduce The Hangman to the DCU.
We've covered the RED CIRCLE characters from pretty much every angle here on The Source, and we've got a few things to toss your way on this lovely Friday a
Did you think we'd leave out  THE SHIELD? Of course not. But who is the flag-waving hero? What's his story? You might find something out by clicking below. "Might" being the key word here.
You saw HANGMAN, no? So why not some info on INFERNO? Ask, and you will receive, friends:
Not too long ago we teased a DAILY PLANET story about the entire RED CIRCLE event. Well, now we have a page spotlighting the mysterious HANGMAN. Who is he?
And you thought we were done with RED CIRCLE news...


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