The Road to Metal: Barbatos Begins

Chances are, if you've been poking around the DC Universe lately you've probably stumbled across the name Barbatos.

Frazer Irving joins writer Grant Morrison for three issues. A villain returns to threaten the Dynamic Duo. An unexpected claim is made on the fortune of Bruce Wayne. Oh, and the amazing talents of Grant Morrison.
We’ve got a simple good news/bad news situation for you all this morning.
And we’ve got something extra for you.
It’s all been building to this, folks. Bruce Wayne – Batman – has been lost in time and believed dead by his closest allies. His former sidekick has taken the cowl. Gotham remains under constant assault.
We’ll have a first look at BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #1 later this week, but to tide you over until then, we’ve got a new image for you to enjoy.
Grant Morrison and artist Andy Clarke continue to roll in the second part of the “Batman vs. Robin” arc, as the Dynamic Duo fight it out in the ultimate death duel.
We had a great time showcasing Andy Kubert's amazing pencils to the six BATMAN: RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE covers.
Rising star artist Andy Clarke joins writer Grant Morrison just in time to see the new Dark Knight face off against the new Boy Wonder -- thanks to the manipulations of Ms. Talia al Ghul. But is everything as it seems? Probably not.


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