Six years ago, the legend of Batman emerged amid the greatest catastrophe Gotham had ever endured. A maniac calling himself The Riddler shut down all electric power mere days before a terrifying superstorm.

On Friday, THE NEW YORK TIMES published their Graphic Books Best Sellers Lists, and debuting at #1 on the Hardcover list was

Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday!

In BIRDS OF PREY #18, Mr. Freeze is out of Arkham Asylum and is looking for revenge on the Court of Owls. His first target? The newest member of the Birds team, Strix!

In Yokohama, Japan, one thousand feet below sea level, a bomb is set to detonate in 24 hours. Meanwhile, in Gotham City, a team of ninja assassins attacks Katanna, stealing her sword and leaving her for dead.

This month, DC Comics will release its next batch of Annuals. These special oversized issues will not only build off of the events in their respective series, but will also greatly impact the expanding DC Universe.


You already know about this month’s TEEN TITANS,

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