When the Justice League of America decided to make their new headquarters in the battered city of Detroit, they had hoped to help rebuild a sense of community. Unfortunately, their arrival only attracted darkness and evil.
Last week, we showed you all the covers for the 1970’s books in this summer’s RETROACTIVE series. Today, take a look at all the covers for the 1980’s books:
DC RETROACTIVE: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA – THE ‘80s #1 Along with writer Gerry Conway, artist Ron Randall revisits JLA Detroit, a chapter in the team’s history that may have been one their most controversial line-ups ever.
Now that the conspiracy involving New Krypton's council has been brought to light, can Superman keep his people from tearing each other apart? And what does a skull-shaped ship flying towards New Krypton mean?
Think humans and Kryptonians are the only two races in our solar system? Wrong.
On a mission in space, Superman and his fellow Kryptonians encounter the might of the Thanagarian Army.
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