The DC Universe Guide to Surviving the Undead Apocalypse

One universally acknowledged truth of life and death in DC comics is that the deceased rarely stay that way forever. Oftentimes, these reunions can be cause for celebration. But sometimes, well, the dead come back wrong.

Tuesday Roundup: March 5th

People are still talking about the aftermath of last week’s BATMAN, INCORPORATED #8, and we can certainly understand why.

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read ANIMAL MAN #17 yet and do not wish to know what happens, stop reading this post now (major spoiler alerts ahead!)

For months, the two elemental sides of life in the DC Universe – the Red and the Green – have been coming together to defeat the Rot. This month, issues #17 of ANIMAL MAN and SWAMP THING serve as the official “Rotworld” finales.

5.2 Reasons to Venture Into "Rotworld"

Never has anything so rotten been so good.


Win an Animal Man Card Signed by Jeff Lemire!

Last Wednesday, we offered All-Star Western fans the chance to win a Nighthawk and Cinnamon card signed by Moritat. Fortunately, there was no need to hold a showdown to settle on a winner. We just chose one from the photos you selected:

Curious about the upcoming crossover event between ANIMAL MAN and SWAMP THING, “Rotworld”?

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