The crisis at Wayne Powers has escalated to new heights. Blight is back and will stop at nothing to get revenge on Terry McGinnis for turning him into a translucent, radioactive monster.
Fans of the BATMAN BEYOND animated series will get a kick out of the reveal at the end of BATMAN BEYOND #5, on sale in comic shops and our
San Francisco is home of The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and of course, Wondercon!
Crime never sleeps in Gotham City. Here's an early look at June's BATMAN solicits.
Despite Bruce's warning, Terry has teamed up with the Justice League to stop the new Matter Master.
Excited about today’s earlier post, announcing BATMAN: GATES OF GOTHAM? Well, that’s not all, May’s going to be a major month for BATMAN – here’s your first look at May’s solicits, after the jump.
Long after the original Batman disappeared, teenager Terry McGinnis stumbled upon the reclusive Bruce Wayne.. and his secrets.
So, there's a special cameo at the end of BATMAN BEYOND #1 (now on sale) and it's pretty sweet.


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