Countdown to Comic-Con: For Your Viewing Pleasure...

If you’re already familiar with our Con Away From Con convention coverage, you know that our exclusive videos featuring DC Comics talent and fans are always a big part of it.

Countdown to Comic-Con: Let’s Hash Things Out

San Diego Comic-Con kicks off this week, and from the opening of the Preview Night showroom on Wednesday to the final announcement on Sunday evening, will be helping you stay on top of all the exciting DC Comics news through our

Con Away From Con: San Diego Comic-Con 2013
Welcome to DC Entertainment's official San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Con Away From Con page! Throughout Comic-Con, this page will be your home for breaking news from DC Comics and Vertigo, exclusive videos, panel coverage and more.

For everyone who couldn’t attend the show or didn’t enter online we’re offering you another chance to win t

Fans who attended the SUPERMAN panel at San Diego Comic-Con were given a special treat: a sneak peek at SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE, VOL. 2.

Surprise Announcement at San Diego Comic-Con Pairs Legendary, Award Winning Author with Artist JH Williams III Under DC Entertainment’s Vertigo Imprint


Welcome to Your 2012 SDCC Con Away From Con

Hollywood has the Academy Awards. Football has the Super Bowl. But if you’re a comic book fan, one event towers above all others: San Diego Comic-Con.

5.2 Reasons DC Entertainment is the Place to Be for SDCC
Exclusive DC Dog Plushes – Free at Comic-Con!

For those of you who feel guilty about leaving your dog at home while you head to San Diego for Comic-Con, we think we might have just the thing to help.



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