Pages from AMERICAN VAMPIRE issue #17 (also note the joining covers from issues 13-17 by Rafael Albuquerque ) and AMERICAN VAMPIRE SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST #3.
The highly anticipated first issue of the AMERICAN VAMPIRE spin-off miniseries AMERICAN V
The exclusive first look at AMERICAN VAMPIRE: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, written by AMERICAN VAMPIRE series creator and writer Scott Snyder and drawn by the sensation

American Vampire #17 by Rafael Albuquerque

It’s been a year since we launched AMERICAN VAMPIRE. We’ve had a ton of great press, buzz and awesome feedback from you, the fans—it’s all been so amazing.
The “Ghost War” rages on in the Pacific, in AMERICAN VAMPIRE #16, by Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque.
Read the conclusion of JOE THE BARBARIAN in issue #8 by Grant Morrison and artist Sean Murphy, out now.
You may have heard that the next AMERICAN VAMPIRE storyline is a World War II epic.
In issue #2, safe in sanctuary, Constantine is forced to relinquish the temptations of his hot and deviant nurse and limp back onto his beloved London streets only to find that things a


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