First Look: Madness Returns to Earth
Shade takes a madness-drenched journey to Earth in this surrealistic sneak peek at SHADE, THE CHANGING WOMAN #4.
Entertaining You, Ninety Seconds at a Time...

How’d you like to spend a little time with Wonder Woman, Krypto and Shade, the Changing Man? Emphasis on little.

Over on THE SOURCE, The DCU is celebrating 75 years of DC Comics by revealing a bunch of amazing variant covers.
Sex and violence. The Greek dramas were epic tales filled with unforgettable characters, bloody betrayals and, yes, more sex and violence than even an HBO original series.
Collected for the first time, SHADE THE CHANGING MAN Volume 2: THE EDGE OF VISION includes issue #7-13. (On sale December 1, 2009 anywhere books are sold).
For all you Peter Milligan fans and those unfamiliar with this series, SHADE THE CHANGING MAN issue #1 is now available for download. Read it here.
On Tuesday you discussed your favorite works by Peter Milligan. Now, here are the covers to some of his upcoming titles. SHADE THE CHANGING MAN Vol. 1:
Peter Milligan, one of the founding writers of Vertigo, is a busy man.
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