From the Editor's Desk:TUESDAY (British chocolate & love heart) TONIC

Roll over Sid and Nancy — we know that love kills! Meet the reigning power couples of 2012: From HELLBLAZER:  EPIPHANY GREAVES & JOHN CONSTANTINE She’s a 24-year-old smokin’ hot alchemist and gangster’s daughter.

From the Editor's Desks: Vertigo Preview 2012

Listen up, everyone! Next month, we're publishing four great new series, which you might have already heard some buzz about.

From the Editor's Desk: Tuesday Tonic with Shelly Bond

They said it COULDN’T be done... Less Talk!

Peter Milligan and editor Shelly Bond talk HELLBLAZER

Editor Shelly Bond and writer Peter Milligan discuss the HELLBLAZER ANNUAL: SUICIDE BRIDGE (in stores now!) and John’s return to Hell in

A conversation with J.Bone, iZOMBIE #21 guest artist

Under editor Shelly Bond’s watch, assistant editor Greg Lockard grills J. Bone in the days before he begins working on iZOMBIE issue #21 (on sale 1/4).

Greg Lockard, who assists Shelly Bond on such titles as HELLBLAZER, iZOMBIE and FABLES, shares his firsts. What was the first… Convention you attended as a fan? Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco 2003.
Shelly Bond, editor of such titles as FABLES, iZOMBIE and HELLBLAZER shares her firsts. What was the first... Convention you attended as a fan?
HELLBLAZER editor Shelly Bond has some interesting information to share about tonight’s Vertigo panel and a certain piece of missing clothing. So read up and we’ll see you there!
Rookie Vertigo Assistant Editor Gregory Lockard here with my first blog for GRAPHIC CONTENT and it’s regarding HELLBLAZER #275!


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