After over two-hundred episodes, tonight marks the final episode of The CW’s Smallville. For ten seasons, we’ve watched Clark Kent grow into the man he’s destined to be.
TV Guide has the exclusive first look at Booster Gold and Blue Beetle as they appear in the April 22nd episode of SMALLVILLE written by Geoff Johns. Geoff Johns describes Smallville's Booster Gold to TV Guide:
Welcome to day two of the DCU in 2011 on THE SOURCE.
A couple weeks back, we unveiled a new clip from Smallville's "Absolute Justice," an epic two-hour episode written by o
It’s not a stretch to say comics are everywhere on the pop culture landscape — movies, television, books and beyond.
Geoff Johns and superstar artist Francis Manapul continue to tell the tale of the revived Conner Kent, as Superboy settles back into life in Smallville. But all is not well in Superman's hometown.


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