A Little Knight Music: Scoring Batman: Arkham Knight

Scarecrow. Riddler. Penguin. Two-Face. Poison Ivy.

Burton's Batman: Win the Danny Elfman Batman Collection
If you’re anything like us, you’re getting a bit sick of holiday carols right about now. So why don’t you fill your halls with the festive sounds of Danny Elfman?
EXCLUSIVE: Batman’s “Untitled Self Portrait” From THE LEGO MOVIE
Batman sings! Well, he does in the wonderfully warped world of The LEGO Movie, and we're giving you an exclusive early listen to his song, the aptly named "Untitled Self-Portrait." Let's just say that the dude likes his darkness...
Island Music: An Interview with Arrow Composer Blake Neely

Yesterday saw the release of the original television soundtrack for the first season of Arrow, and listening to it, a few things become clear.

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