This Just Happened: The World's Teeniest Threat!

Danger looms large in this week’s issue of Justice League of America.

Spoiler Alert: Day One

Well, we’ve reached the last month of 2013, and the holidays are upon us. But over here at DC Collectibles, we’re not big on waiting until December 25th to unwrap our gifts.

Spoiler Alert: May 1st

Guess what? It’s a brand new month! And guess what else?

Spoiler Alert: March 27th

They say March goes out like a lamb, and if that’s true, then apparently lambs are big fans of DC Collectibles.

Spoiler Alert: February 27th

What do you call a month with two DC Collectibles Spoiler Alerts in it? We call it February.


Spoiler Alert: February 6th

Welcome back to Spoiler Alert, our monthly feature where we tease a cool new, as-yet-unannounced product from DC Collectibles and then invite you to try to guess what it is. Sound simple? Then clearly you haven’t tried it yet.

Spoiler Alert: January 9th

It’s a new year, which means it’s the perfect time for a new edition of Spoiler Alert!


Spoiler Alert: November 28th

It’s a little early for Christmas gifts, but we thought we’d give you a little surprise this week anyhow. And no, it’s not leftover turkey. Though you’re more than welcome to help yourself to that as well—we’ve had more than enough.

Spoiler Alert: October 31st

We promised treats for our fans today, but we never said they’d all take the form of scary new comics! Today is Wednesday, which here on is also our day to bring you something new from the folks at DC Collectibles.

Spoiler Alert: October 3rd

It’s the first Wednesday of a fresh new month, and DC fans worldwide are heading to their favorite comic stores (or hopping online to the DC Digital Comics Store) to pick up this week’s new titles.


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