BOOKLIST gives a rave review to AMERICAN VAMPIRE Volume 1 by Scott Snyder, Stephen King and artist
Co-author of AMERICAN VAMPIRE, Stephen King discussed vampires, sex, religion, and horror in a provocative conversation with the screenwriters of Twilig
On Saturday, October 2 head to: The New Yorker Festival The Vampire Revival panel with AMERICAN VAMPIRE co-author Stephen King At 1:00 pm
Why Rafael Albuquerque is Amazing (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hire a Cover Artist)
Lot’s of great comics and lots of great press coverage this week!
Writing the final issue of this first arc was bittersweet. I'm really gonna miss Steve's scripts. One part of issue #5 I especially love is Steve's page 9-11 sequence.
Scott Snyder, creator of AMERICAN VAMPIRE took some time to tell us what it was like to write the first page of the last issue of the first arc.
AMERICAN VAMPIRE has a lot going for it. Like what?
Last week, I announced that we're going back to print on AMERICAN VAMPIRE #2.
Issue #2 of the highly acclaimed new series AMERICAN VAMPIRE written by Scott Snyder and Stephen King


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