And we’ve got some nice art to show. Some of you may have missed this during the tornado of news that was San Diego, but this piece definitely merits repeat viewing:
It’s the kind of thing that pops into your head and just clicks – who’s better suited to pen the adventures of a super-teen in middle America than Jeff Lemire, author of the touchi
The final battle lines between New Krypton and Earth are being drawn, and writers James Robinson and Sterling Gates team with artist Pete Woods for an epic throwdown that leads directly to WAR OF THE SUPERMEN #0 on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.
Amidst Brainiac's assault on New Krypton, General Zod has brandished the Legion of Super-Heroes terrorists and imprisoned them. Superboy will do his best to free them, but he'll have to go through Supergirl first -- wait, what?
If there’s one book that just screams “fun,” it’s TINY TITANS. The book bristles with the pure energy and joy creators Art Balthazar and Franco pour into the book each month.
You read that correctly. An interstellar conflict waged at superspeed.


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