The largest women's surfing competition in the world returns to Oceanside Pier to promote female strength and empowerment.
The Roundup: Women Take the Week

Step aside, guys. In the world of DC Comics, this week belongs to the ladies.

Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday!

DC All Access: A Little Dini, A Lot of Excitement

Who’s that stopping by the DC office? Why, it’s none other than Paul Dini, and he’s just in time for Batman: An Animated Celebration! He’s here to discuss the new Batman: The Animated Series action figures, and he’s far from our only guest.

DC All Access - Ep 203 - Scott Porter DC Superfan + Batman: The Animated Series w/ Paul Dini

Holy guest stars, Batman! It's Paul Dini, and he's here to discuss the new Batman: The Animated Series action figures. Hart of Dixie's Scott Porter stops by to show off his awesome mobile mancave, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado drop in to discuss this week's can't-miss issue of Justice League, and we look at what happens when a Kryptonian gets her hands on a red power ring (let's just say it ain't good). Plus, Tiffany visits some of the DC landmarks on the Warner Bros. lot and we give you another chance to win a trip to San Diego Comic-Con!

DC Collectibles: An Interview with Lauren Faust

Hey, guess what? This week’s DC Collectibles feature is all about the SUH-BOOFFS!

Supergirl Jam - Supergirl Pro 2013 Surf Contest Recap

The Ford Supergirl Pro 2013, the only ASP 6-star female surfing event in North America, took place over August 2-4, 2103 at the Oceanside Pier in Oceanside, CA. With over 100 amazing competitors, Hawaii's Malia Manuel took the top spot, taking home the coveted Supergirl Cape. For more information about Supergirl Pro and other Supergirl Jam events, visit

Enjoy this recap of the competition, and we'll see you next year!

Tuesday Roundup: Why, Helllllllo Harley!!!

Ah, Krypton… Maybe it was a nice place to visit, but if you’re a human, you probably wouldn’t want to live there. And you definitely don’t want it returning and destroying all things we hold dear.

This winter, the SUPERMAN universe will be welcoming a pair of two exciting new creative teams!


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