Kryptonian Couture: Bringing Some Swagger to Superman

We’ve heard it before. Superman isn’t the hero for you because he’s too “clean cut.” You like edgy heroes. The sort of super heroes who wear dark, extreme costumes and use tactics that often enter the realm of questionable.

FIRST LOOK: A Super-Sized Superman

As the world’s strongest, most powerful super hero, Superman’s adventures tend to be very large in scale.

The Easiest Way to Bring Man of Steel to Life (Without Going to Krypton)

Let’s face it, as a comic book fan, it’s not easy to impress your friends.

June is "Superman Month" on
This June, you won't need to look up in the sky to spot Superman. All you'll need to do is visit the DC Comics website.
Warner Bros. Entertainment & DC Entertainment Celebrate Superman's 75th with New Logo and Company-Wide Commemoration

Warner Bros. Entertainment & DC Entertainment

Celebrate Superman’s 75th with New Logo and Company-Wide Commemoration

Have you seen all the fine super hero drawings by kids on DC Comics Fan Family? These little artists are pretty handy with the felt-tips. Are your kids' favorites here?

He’s hinted and he’s teased, but at a press event in Burbank last Thursday highlighting his long and illustrious career, award-winning writer Grant Morrison finally announced the Wonder Woman-related project he’s been working on with superst

Man of Steel Takes Flight with a New Poster

The last Man of Steel poster to hit the multiplex grabbed our attention by showing Superman in an unexpected position—handcuffed and being led som

On Tuesday, May 7, Superman: Unbound flies into stores, fully ready for upload into your brains via your eyeballs.

Music Unbound: The Superman: Unbound Soundtrack

You may not think of him as part of a duo, but Superman’s always worked with a partner.


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