The reimagining of Superman's early days concludes as he faces his toughest foe yet – his childhood friend Lex Luthor. The victor will be Metropolis's hero.
We can never get too much great art, and more specifically, we can never get too much Gary Frank art. His run on SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN has been, well, superb.
Want to see Ivan Reis draw a Superman/Flash race? Mike Allred take on the Teen Titans? Two Wonder Woman covers? Well, you’re in luck, as we have all that and more.
The Eisner Awards, considered by many to be "The Oscars" of comic book industry awards, unveiled their nominees for the 2010 ceremony today, honoring a number of key DCU titles and creators.
Writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank put Superman against Metallo – for the first time! Witness the origin of one of Superman's most-feared foes, as an attack by Lex Luthor goes awry and gives birth to the evil of Metallo.
Sounds like a plan to me, folks. Here it is, masterfully presented by Mr. Frank, who continues to amaze fans with his rendition of the Man of Steel in SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN.
It's Superman facing off with the Parasite for the first time, while Lex Luthor starts to take notice of the Man of Steel. SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN #4 hits 1/27.
So long, Smallville; hello, Metropolis. Join Geoff Johns and Gary Frank as they explore a very different Metropolis from the one we currently know – one that has yet to experience life with Superman as its protector.
It's been a long week, Source gang, so we'll try to keep this simple. The DCU titles make a regular habit of having some cool and different variant covers, so why not show off a few here from time to time. Makes sense, no? Here goes.
Writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank's exploration of the origin of the greatest Super Hero of all time continues, as readers witness young Clark Kent's initial journey into the late 30th century as Superboy, and also see how meeting the Le


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