1) Alien menaces 2) Mysterious underwater creatures 3) Unexpected visitors from other worlds 4) An unsolved kidnapping 5) An international special forces team 6) All of the above
The demon king Rankor has been hunting down and capturing the Teen Titans. With their strength draining, it's up to Kid Flash to save Wonder Girl and Ravager before the demon king steals their powers for his own nefarious purposes.
A distress call from Wonder Girl's mother leads the Teen Titans to a far-off archeological dig, where they meet an enigmatic new superhero named Solstice.
They both carry the Robin namesake, but Damian Wayne and Tim Drake have very different ways of doing things. So different, that when they cross paths in the upcoming RED ROBIN / TEEN TITANS crossover, things are sure to get interesting.
Nicola Scott's been absolutely killing the Teen Titans pencils for a while now, but I don't have to tell that to anyone who's been reading the series already. Here's a few pages from TEEN TITANS #91, on sale later this month.


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