The Flash Vol. 2 Races Through the Dark

THE FLASH VOL. 2: SPEED OF DARKNESS deals a lot with the aftermath of what writer Joshua Williamson laid down in volume one.

Necessary Evil - Necessary Extras - Far More Interesting (Exclusive)

In this exclusive extra scene from Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics, comic book writer James Robinson (Starman, Earth 2) looks at the character of The Shade and discusses whether a super-villain can become a hero.

Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics is an upcoming feature length documentary that examines the villains of the DC Universe. Look for it on Blu-Ray and DVD on October 25, 2013.

Attention STARMAN fans! After much anticipation, writer James Robinson (EARTH 2) has returned to the world of his acclaimed STARMAN series with an epic 12-issue miniseries starring the enigmatic antihero known as the Shade.


It’s the penultimate issue of THE SHADE!


On September 12, THE SHADE concludes with issue #12.


Below, take an exclusive first look at the issue's variant cover by Gene Ha!


On August 15th, THE SHADE #11 will land in stores.


Here's an exclusive first look at the issue's cover by Tony Harris!


The Shade, powerless and held captive by the deities of his great grandson’s Masonic cult, must devise an escape in time to prevent a terrorist attack. But who are these deities and how are they able to negate Shade’s powers?

Take an exclusive first look at Frazer Irving's variant cover for THE SHADE #10!


Fans of THE SHADE have already been treated to art by the likes of such fan-favorite artists as Cully Hamner, Darwyn Cooke, Javier Pulido and Jill Thompson.


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