THE SHADE #6 cover

In the last issue of THE SHADE, a dark spell was cast across Barcelona.

The Shade #5

In the latest chapter of his globe-trotting adventures, The Shade ends up in the European city of Barcelona.

Issue #5 may still be two weeks away but with a series as good as THE SHADE, it’s never too early to start teasing what will be coming in the future.
Fans of STARMAN are familiar with the concept of a “Times Past” issue.
There’s still glitter on the streets. Fridges are filled with half-empty bottles of champagne and gyms are extra crowded due to people working on their resolutions.
In issue #3 of the critically acclaimed miniseries, THE SHADE, Shade’s quest for answers sends him to Australia to locate an old acquaintance named Diablo Blacksmith.


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