The Vertigo Blog was nice enough to ask me to talk about my art process on The Unwritten, using some art from our soon to be classic issue #1, and when the
THE UNWRITTEN is about the power of story and it incorporates all kinds of literary references.
In the Vertigo Voices piece in THE UNWRITTEN #9 (see below in ital), on sale today, co-creators Mike Carey and Peter Gross ask:
It’s that time of year when the “Best Of” lists start circing.
Tommy Taylor has affected the lives of millions, winding his way into their dreams and fantasies. But sometimes dreams and fantasies are a poisoned cup.
Tommy Taylor, the boy wizard, is one of the most beloved fictional characters of all time and a pop culture phenomenon. Everyone has either read Wilson Taylor’s bestselling TOMMY TAYLOR books, seen the movies or played the videogames.
IGN reviews THE UNWRITTEN #7 calling it “as engrossing and mysterious as it's ever been.” Check out the full review
We all love a good story, right? The creators of THE UNWRITTEN certainly do. The series references major and minor works of literature alike.


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