It’s the penultimate issue of JSA LIBERTY FILES: THE WHISTLING SKULL!

This December, DC Comics will publish JSA LIBERTY FILES: THE WHISTLING SKULL. From acclaimed writer B.

On August 15th, THE SHADE #11 will land in stores.


Here's an exclusive first look at the issue's cover by Tony Harris!


Issue #5 may still be two weeks away but with a series as good as THE SHADE, it’s never too early to start teasing what will be coming in the future.
Fans of STARMAN are familiar with the concept of a “Times Past” issue.
This morning, COMIC BOOK RESOURCES announced THE SHADE #1.
I get it. It’s the middle of the week. Your brain is fried. You don’t want a long post explaining anything complicated. How about some nice art to click on and get you through your last hours at work?
Looking for something to do this weekend? Well look no longer because the 2010 DC Nation tour pulls into Charlotte, North Carolina for Heroes Convention from June 4th - 6th at the Charlotte Convention Center.
Lovely covers by amazing artists. Simple enough, right?


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