Tuesday Roundup: April 10th

Hal Jordan and Sinestro continue to work together (or try to, at any rate) to escape from the enigmatic Indigo Tribe, but assuming their cosmic conflict doesn’t bring about

Swamp Thing #8

It may be April, but we’re not fooling around this week. Alec Holland embraces his destiny and we see Swamp Thing’s awesome new look.

Tuesday Roundup: March 27th

Vampires have taken to the streets of Gotham, the Flash gets slowed down by Captain Cold and SUPERMAN flies high with a brand new creative team in this week’s new comics.

Tuesday Roundup: March 20th

Steve Trevor gets reacquainted with the Justice League, Batman readies himself for the next round and Wonder Woman goes to…ahem, Hades in this week’s new batch of comics from DC.


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