The Roundup: Five Flavors of Batman
This is a big year for our favorite Dark Knight, with a new animated movie on its way, DLC for the latest Arkham game just around the corner and an ambitious weekly comic all set to make its debut. Yes, there’s much to look forward to this year if you’re a Batman fan. Like tomorrow.
Tuesday Roundup: Injustice For All!

Who would’ve thought starting a new year with some serious Injustice would be a good thing?

Tuesday Roundup: A Bright Week for the Dark Knight

It’s a brand new year, and while we hope it’s a great one for all of you, we KNOW it’s going to be a good year for the Dark Knight.

Tuesday Roundup: Titans Take the Page

It’s Tuesday, and as every good first grader knows, that starts with a T. And you know what else starts with a T, don’t you?

Tuesday Roundup: A Whole Lotta Justice Leagues

Justice arrives this week in a big way. A huge way. A way that will have you seeing, um, triple.

Tuesday Roundup: An Atlantean Farewell

It’s Thanksgiving week here in the States, and we can’t wait to carve into the turkey and cut off a slice of delicious pumpkin pie. Or two. Or maybe three. (Hey, Thanksgiving only comes once a year, okay?!

Tuesday Roundup: Why, Helllllllo Harley!!!

Ah, Krypton… Maybe it was a nice place to visit, but if you’re a human, you probably wouldn’t want to live there. And you definitely don’t want it returning and destroying all things we hold dear.

Tuesday Roundup: Superman Gets One Lex of a Problem

Hey, did you know that November is Ridiculously Awesome New Comics Month? Okay, no, not in any official capacity.

Tuesday Roundup: Some Scary Good Comics

Halloween is just two days away, and all of us are looking forward to costuming up and hitting the streets to keep the world safe—er, we mean to get candy with our kids or attend one of the nearby Halloween parties.

Tuesday Roundup: Some Justice for Forever Evil Fans

Welcome back to the Roundup! Yes, it’s been a crazy few weeks since the last time we spoke. Someone’s moved the entire moon and blocked out the sun! Super-villains are running rampant!


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