Tuesday Roundup: Batman. Superman. Aquaman. (Yes, They Do All Belong in the Same Breath!)

It’s the Monday after Comic-Con, and much of the DC Comics office is working furiously to respond to all the emails that came in over the weekend (we’ll see which arrives first—the bottom of their inbox or Labo

Tuesday Roundup: Trinity War Continues while the Cat and Bat Play…

It’s Comic-Con week, and we’re heading down to San Diego. But if you thought that meant you’d be missing out on our weekly roundup of new comic book previews, think again.

Tuesday Roundup: Trinity War, Zero Year and Superman Unchained

Just a question. Have you checked out the Comics page here on the DC website this week? Because if you haven’t yet, you really should. Go on. We’ll wait.

Tuesday Roundup: Green Lantern, Batman, Green Arrow and Pandora

When last we left Green Lantern (as written and drawn by Robert Venditti and Billy Tan), Hal Jordan and his new recruits were under attack by Larfleeze and an army of his intelligent constructs.

 Tuesday Roundup: Batman and Superman Team Up and We Get a Triple Dose of Justice

It’s one of the most famous, most celebrated and most important friendships in all of comics. Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. Superman and Batman. The Man of Steel and the Dark Knight.

Tuesday Roundup: New Guardians, New Creative Team…

Between Man of Steel, Superman Unchained and “Zero Year,” it’s not surprising that Superman and Batman have been stealing much of the DC Comics spotlight.

Tuesday Roundup: Superman Unchained Makes its Debut and Batman’s "Zero Year" Begins

It seems to be the eternal question among DC Comics fans. Do you prefer Batman or Superman?

Tuesday Roundup: Green Lantern, Action Comics, Earth 2 and the Return of Astro City

The Beatles once memorably sang, “I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello.” We doubt very much they were singing about Green Lantern—though we kinda wish they were, just for the sheer awesome factor—but w

Tuesday Roundup: Wonder Woman, Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood and More

Okay, before we get into this week’s Roundup, we have just one question. Is this not the creepiest Batgirl cover you’ve ever seen, or what?

Tuesday Roundup: Batman, JLA, Suicide Squad and More

Now that you’ve enjoyed the free comics you’ve snagged this weekend, you’re probably excited for what’s next. Well, friends and fans, you’re in the right place.


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