DC Week-In-Review: March 22nd


Oh sorry, this keyboard doesn’t seem to work unless you really slam the keys. We’ll try to type a little quieter.

DC Week-In-Review: March 15th

Unless you happen to be a scarlet-clad, single-syllable super hero, it can be really difficult to keep up with all of the great news and features to hit DCComics.com sometimes.

DC Week-In-Review: March 1st

Ah…March 1st. The very first day of a new month. We have 31 days of lion and lamb greatness in front of us. Who knows what they may bring? We sure don’t.

DC Week-In-Review: February 22nd

We’ve reached the end of the week, DC fans, and you know what that means—it’s time to go right back to the start and live it all over again! No, you haven’t found yourself in a classic (if slightly repetitive) Bill Murray movie.

DC Week-In-Review: February 15th

Can’t speak for the rest of you, but we’re feeling a little woozy after eating all of those candy hearts yesterday. You know, the ones that have cute little romantic messages. We’ve never been entirely sure about those things.

DC Week-In-Review: February 8th

Adrenalyzed, out of breath and more than a little bruised.

DC Week-In-Review: February 1st

This may be the DC Week-In-Review, but since we just wrapped up the first full month of 2013, it’s only natural to take a moment and consider some of the cool stuff we’ve seen since the start of the new year.

DC Week-In-Review: January 25th

For a guy who went largely unseen for nearly a year, it seems like the Joker is suddenly running rampant in every corner of the DC Universe.

DC Week-In-Review: January 18th

Maybe it’s because everyone’s excited about the new year, or perhaps people have finally gotten tired of playing with their new holiday toys, but it sure seems like there was a lot of talking taking place on and around DCComics.com this week

DC Week-In-Review: January 11th

Happy New Year, everyone!


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