DC Week-In-Review: December 14th

There are only two more weeks left in 2012, and we’re making all of them count.

DC Week-In-Review: December 7th
DC Week-In-Review: November 30th

We realize we’re smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, and that we should be on our absolute best behavior (we don’t want to find ourselves unwrapping any lumps of coal this year—not when

DC Week-In-Review: November 16th

So how about that “Fourth Wave,” eh?

DC Week-In-Review: November 9th

There are big weeks, and then there are astronomical ones, and this week is without a doubt in the latter camp.

DC Week-In-Review: November 2nd

So…you come down from that Halloween sugar rush yet? Well, if you have at least you have a nice long weekend ahead of you to recover and read some of those extra-sized annuals that came out Wednesday.

DC Week-In-Review: October 26th

Some weeks are good, some are bad, but this one was absolutely villainous. We’ve been letting our super-villains take the spotlight, and have no doubt, it’s starting to have an effect. And not just on all of us here at DCComics.com.

DC Week-In-Review: October 19th

Maybe it’s because we’re still coming down from Comic-Con, but this week seemed to pass by in a New York minute. Or maybe it’s because we’re having so much fun figuring out ways to spotlight some of our favorite DC super-villains.

DC Week-In-Review: October 12th

Yes, we’re currently in New York providing our informative, innovative and downright inspirational Con Away From Con coverage.

DC Week-In-Review: October 5th

It’s October, the month where we like to dress up a little strangely, frighten our friends and family members and enjoy being just a little bad.


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