Radio Amazon: Wonder Woman's Rousing New Playlists

If you saw Wonder Woman while it was in theaters, you know it’s a feast for the eyes. And now, thanks to our good friends at PlayStation, Diana’s delivered one for the ears as well. A pair of them, in fact.

Regina Spektor's Wonder Woman Playlist
Some women improve the world by fighting evildoers with sword and lasso. Others improve it by writing smart, thought-provoking music with a heavy dose of quirkiness.

In movies, TV and comics, super heroes like Wonder Woman have been known to earn their fair share of applause.

Andra Day's Wonder Woman Playlist

A good super hero fight is unplanned and improvised, reacting to the moment and yet confident and recognizable when the fighter just happens to be a master at using their abilities.

Tina Guo's Wonder Woman Playlist
You may not recognize her name, but if you’re a DC fan, you know Tina Guo’s work.
Jessie Graff's Wonder Woman Playlist
With her greatly enhanced strength and remarkable dexterity, it’s hard to think of someone outside the world of comics who’s able to do the things that Wonder Woman does. Except for maybe Jessie Graff, the amazing stuntwoman and martial artist who made a splash when she became the first woman to qualify for the city finals on American Ninja Warrior (wearing a Wonder Woman-esque suit, no less!)
Corinne Bailey Rae's Wonder Woman Playlist
Laura Marano's Wonder Woman Playlist
It’s Fourth of July weekend here in the States, which means fireworks, barbecues and warm summer nights. So it’s appropriate that Laura Marano’s special Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary playlist is the perfect soundtrack for forgetting your worries and having some fun.
Rachel Bloom's Wonder Woman Playlist
Serious question. Do you think Wonder Woman is a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fan? Because Rachel Bloom, the series’ creator and star, is sure a fan of her.
A Wonder Woman Playlist 75 Years in the Making
We might not be able to turn you into a superhero, but we can suggest some music that will sure make you feel like one. As part of our just announced, yearlong celebration of Wonder Woman’s 75th Anniversary, WaterTower Music and DC have teamed up to produce a series of weekly Wonder Woman playlists curated by some of the biggest female names in music, movies, TV sports and more.


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