We hit the ground running with some major news not long ago — announcing that JMS was not only writing SUPERMAN, but WO
It's been a busy few weeks for Mr. Straczynski, huh?
We've had an exciting flurry of J. Michael Straczynski news in the past week or so, and we can understand if you're jonesin' to read his upcoming work on SUPERMAN and WONDER WOMAN. Well, have you checked out BRAVE AND THE BOLD yet?
One of my very earliest memories as a child is of watching one of the Superman cartoons created by Max Fleischer. In particular, a scene where Superman puts his cape around Lois Lane to protect her from an incoming tide of molten metal.
The headline's true. After a lengthy and impressive run on WONDER WOMAN, writer Gail Simone is moving on to other projects.
What better way to get through a Friday? As we teased a few days ago, we’ve got the inks for Jim Lee’s cover to ICONS: The DC Comics & WildStorm Art of Jim Lee, featuring the work of inker Scott Williams.
I wanted to follow the Co-Publisher's blog with a more personal update of my own creative work.


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