The Dark Knight took WonderCon by storm in a big way during today’s superstar Batman 75th Anniversary panel!

All-Star Batman 75th Anniversary Panel includes Jim Lee, Kevin Smith, Kevin Conroy,
Bruce Timm , Ralph Garman And Peter Girardi

Announcing Canadian Vampire

WonderCon attendees got chills when Vertigo announced a new American Vampire spinoff this weekend that will be set in Canada and boast an exciting script co-written by Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire.

DC Comics Reveals the Next Robin

DC Comics shocked WonderCon attendees when they revealed Batman’s surprising new boy wonder during the DC COMICS – THE NEW 52panel on Saturday.

11am-12pm Ann Nocenti

12-12:45pm Cast of Lego Batman

2:15-3:00pm The Cast of Arrow

3-4pm Kyle Higgins, Dustin Nguyen

4-5pm Scott Snyder, James Tynion

10-11am Bernard Chang, Scott Lobdell

11am-12pm Jimmy Palmiotti

12-1pm Brian Buccellato, Doug Mahnke

1:30-2:15pm The Cast of Teen Titans Go!

3-4pm Bryan Q. Miller, Cat Staggs


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