Greetings Graphic Content Readers! Enter for the chance to win a free copy of the THE UNWRITTEN Volume 1 by Mike Carey and artist Peter Gross!
Yuko Shimizu, THE UNWRITTEN cover artist, has outdone herself again. Check out this amazing cover for issue #14.
Tommy Taylor has affected the lives of millions, winding his way into their dreams and fantasies. But sometimes dreams and fantasies are a poisoned cup.
Tommy Taylor, the boy wizard, is one of the most beloved fictional characters of all time and a pop culture phenomenon. Everyone has either read Wilson Taylor’s bestselling TOMMY TAYLOR books, seen the movies or played the videogames.
IGN reviews THE UNWRITTEN #7 calling it “as engrossing and mysterious as it's ever been.” Check out the full review
Tom’s locked up in Donostia Prison, but death still surrounds him. Placed in solo confinement he confronts the mystery of his own nature and the significance of the epic poem “The Song of Roland.”
I can hardly believe it, but we are about to embark on the second arc of THE UNWRITTEN. Here’s a preview of issue #6. Enjoy!
On June 17th I revealed one of my favorite inked pages from issue #3 of THE UNWRITTEN.


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