Experience the final chapter of BATMAN AND ROBIN MUST DIE

The Dynamic Duo and Dr. Hurt collide for a final confrontation that serves as the culmination to the latest chapter of mastermind Grant Morrison’s epic and multi-layered Batman saga. Will Dick Grayson succeed where Bruce Wayne failed? Will Damian return to the dark side and betray his friends? How does the Joker fit in? Morrison and artist Frazer Irving tell the tale in BATMAN AND ROBIN #15, and it’s a doozy, folks. BATMAN AND ROBIN #15 hits tomorrow. [gallery link="file"]

Another look at BATMAN AND ROBIN #14

Not long ago, we showed some fairly intense pages from the latest issue of Grant Morrison’s BATMAN AND ROBIN, with art by Frazer Irving. Well, now we’ve got a few of those pages all lettered up, revealing more secrets about the issue – and the Joker’s involvement. Click below for more. BATMAN AND ROBIN #14 hits 9/9. [gallery link="file"]
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