Let's see if we can double that, courtesy of this page from artist Cameron Stewart.
Batwoman crosses paths with another "Bat"-character in this, the first part of "Cutter," teaming artist Jock with writer Greg Rucka. And yes, the title implies that things get a little grisly.
Writer/artist Tony Daniel presents the unthinkable, as Batman teams with his arch-foe the Penguin to track down the Black  Mask. Wise move? We'll see. BATMAN #695 hits 1/13.
GOTHAM CITY SIRENS #7 hits today, as Catwoman takes charge as the other Sirens fall victim to their most dangerous challenge yet. [gallery link="file" columns="2"]
Have you been following Batwoman's origin? If not, now's your chance to catch the concluding chapter. DETECTIVE COMICS #860, from writer Greg Rucka and artist J.H.
It's not a stretch to say Guillem March is one of the most talented artists in the Batman group. Doubly talented when it comes to creating compelling and great-looking covers.
There's a ton of good stuff coming out of the Bat-office lately, so checking my inbox each morning is like getting a bit of Christmas early. The spread below, from BATMAN #694 by writer/artist Tony Daniel, is one such example.


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