Bruce Wayne is trapped in the past. The Caped Crusader is missing. As Earth's heroes and the citizens of Gotham City struggle to face a world without a Batman, Dick Grayson -- the first Robin -- dons his mentor's cowl to try and stem the tide of crime threatening to drown the city Bruce Wayne spent years protecting. Today, THE NEW YORK TIMES bestselling team of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely will launch BATMAN AND ROBIN, a new ongoing series.

Notes from the Bat-Office...

In a few short days, the final chapter of BATTLE FOR THE COWL hits the stands and the entire world will learn the identity of the new Batman. It’s a journey long in the making and it’s hard to believe all the hard work from all of our creators is finally paying off on the printed page. But we’re not wasting any time resting on our butts. Nope, we’re diving straight into the next exciting phase of the Dark Knight’s life, an era which reflects the new world order for Gotham City and its favorite protector--BATMAN REBORN.


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