Jason's Picks: Three Perfect Team-Ups

Team-ups are one of the cornerstones of this medium that we all love. Whether that team-up happens between father and son, hero and sidekick or vigilante and villain, exploring these relationships can push open new doors of storytelling and adventures. Let’s explore that theme in all of these DC collected editions that you should pick up this month.

Batman v Superman: Five Breathtaking Comic Book Battles

Yes, the Man of Steel and Dark Knight are pals, but even the greatest of friends have falling outs. Here are five of the best fights between Superman and Batman from throughout their comic book history.

Win a Gotham and Graphic Novel Prize Package for Batman Day

If you’re anything like us, and we know you are, you’re spending today reading Batman comics while dressed up like the Cluemaster. (Okay, maybe that’s just us.) Either way, we’re sure you’re celebrating Batman Day, and we thought we’d offer you a chance to make this Bat-holiday even sweeter…by winning a cool Gotham and graphic novel prize package.


One of my favorite perks about working in the comic book industry is seeing the process at which stories and art evolve. Being in the Publicity department, I get to look at black and white copies of the pencils and inks that artists do before they’re sent for coloring and ultimately to the printer to appear in the book form you’re used to picking up every Wednesday.
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