Arrow: Enter the Dragon

Arrow continued its streak of pretty solid episodes this week by wasting no time and jumping head first into the Diaz story arc.

The Good

First off, seeing Diaz and the new recruit sparring totally reminded me of Wayne’s World when Wayne and Garth open the random door to show a bunch of guys training and Wayne says, “I just always wanted to open a door to a room where people are being trained like in James Bond movies.” HA!

Arrow: When Friends Fight

Hey, we’re back! Arrow took a little break while we all watched our countries attempt to win gold, but it’s time to return to Star City and to its superhero mayor.

It’s been a little while and I might jump all over a bit after tonight’s episode, but we’ve waited long enough. Let’s get to it…

Arrow: The Award Goes To...

I’d like to quote the incredible Larry David to describe tonight’s episode. It was, “pretty, pretty, pretty good…”

I think much of the reason it was a good episode is because we finally got closure on some things and we’re now ramping up to move in a new, fresh direction.

Since it’s award season, I thought it would be fun to mix things up and do a little award ceremony of our own for tonight’s episode. So, without further ado, let’s get started…

First Look: The Fall of Red Arrow

It was a final page that Green Arrow fans won’t soon forget. Ferociously battling against the Ninth Circle, Malcom Merlyn, and his own mother, Oliver Queen was saved by his sister as she leapt in front of the arrow that had been fired directly at him. It was the most personal blow struck against Ollie yet in his ongoing battle with the powerful forces that have destroyed his life and city.

Arrow: Busted Mission, New Threat

I was pleasantly surprised with tonight’s episode. The pacing was good and the content of the episode was important to the overall theme of this season.

I mean, what can you really say about this season’s Quentin and Laurel storyline that hasn’t already been said? It’s odd and played out. Now, if we were seeing hints or clues that maybe there were two Laurels—one good and one bad—or something like that, I think I’d be more inclined to care. I just didn’t get the angle of her following him. Is it the good Laurel and she’s trying to figure things out?

Arrow: We Can't Quit You

Tonight was an interesting episode with a couple things I want to jump into, but before I do, I think something needs to be addressed first…

The award for the WORST bus driver possibly ever goes to the guy in tonight’s episode. I mean, you just get out of the bus in a traffic jam and tell the kids to stay in their seats while you go check out what’s going on? No way that dude is ever working for the Star City Public School District again. Ha!

Arrow: Some Dweeb with Glasses

Welcome back!

I hope you had a nice holiday and good New Year. I’ve spent most of the past month trying to thaw out from frigid temperatures, but I’ve managed to warm my hands up from the sub-zero weather and bring this column to you…

Not a bad episode to come back to after the hiatus—although, I had something in mind that I was really hoping would happen, but didn’t. I’ll get to that a bit later.

First things first: Quentin, give it up the daughter stuff, man. Enough already. Thea, or someone, needs to just dish out some tough love and snap this dude out of it.

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