GREEN LANTERN #59 has got it all – strong character moments involving some of the icons of the DCU, action, tantalizing clues and a helluva cliffhanger at the end, all masterfully presented by writer Geoff Johns and artist Doug Mahnke. And that cliffhanger’s what “This Just Happened” is all about. So my first question is – have you read the issue? If not, make your way to the shop, plop down some cash and give it a read. Done yet? Alright. Click below.

Return to the DCU’s darkest hour with UNTOLD TALES OF BLACKEST NIGHT

utblnpanel1 The Blackest Night is over, but the shockwaves are still being felt. And not every story has been told. From the ashes of the dark, universe-spanning tale by superstars Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis comes BRIGHTEST DAY – but what stories remain hidden from the most horrific story to affect the DCU’s heroes? Well, glad you asked.

Return of the Black Lanterns in BRIGHTEST DAY #11

Black Manta vs. Aquaman! The return of Deathstorm! And a double-page spread that will make your jaw drop. Twice. All courtesy of writers Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi and the all star artistic team of Reis, Gleason, Clark and Prado. BRIGHTEST DAY #11 hits Wednesday. [gallery link="file"]

An epic piece of BRIGHTEST DAY art

By now, you’ve seen a few of these lovely White Lantern covers, featuring Aquaman, Firestorm and more — but did you know that together, the covers form a massive, amazing piece of art that shows many of BRIGHTEST DAY’s key players while also teasing at what may be to come?


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