Bryan Q. Miller and Cat Staggs Say So Long to Smallville

After a robust run of thirteen years the saga of Smallville is finally coming to a close. Today’s digital first SMALLVILLE: CONTINUITY #12 is the final installment of the franchise that spanned both TV and comics. To commemorate the occasion, we sat down with Smallville: Season 11 writer and former Smallville television writer Bryan Q. Miller as well as series cover artist Cat Staggs.

DC All Access - Ep 232 - Kevin Smith Reveals Exclusive Batman '66 Clip + Convergence (DCAA 232)

When Tiffany finds herself once again flying solo, she summons director, comic book writer, podcaster and Batman mega-fan Kevin Smith to guest host this week's jam-packed new episode of DC All Access. First, Kevin reveals an exclusive clip from the upcoming Blu-Ray release of the classic Batman television series, while Tiffany looks at Convergence, the just announced publishing event coming next year from DC Comics. They then talk to the new Green Arrow writing team of Andrew Kreisberg and Ben Sokolowski about what changes may be in store for Oliver Queen, before hearing from writer Bryan Q. Miller about bringing his bestselling Smallville comic to a close. All that, plus Kevin improvises some comic book writing and we look at some of this week's highlights from the DC Host Search.

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Preview of SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 #16

If Smallville was ready for strange beings on the attack, Washington, DC, certainly is not!

Diana is on the hunt for Steve Trevor, a boy who washed up on Themyscira 20 years ago. Her search brings her to the nation’s capitol, where Director Bones is putting pressure on Senator Kent. What do the mysterious cultists want with the D.E.O. Director? And can Lois Lane hold her own, back-to-back with Diana, when they’re attacked?

Exclusive Preview of SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 #14

Clark’s adventures in the 31st Century continue in the sizzling second part of the ‘Argo’ story arc!

Clark struggles to strike a delicate balance that will keep the peace between EarthGov, the Legion, and New Krypton. Revelations abound as Supergirl reveals the true nature of her captivity to Clark and the wartime motivations of New Krypton come into focus. Meanwhile, Booster Gold finds himself without powers and comes to terms with what it truly means to be a hero.


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