From the Editor's Desk: Chris Burnham Accepts Exclusive with DC Comics

I'm so excited to have artist Chris Burnham become a permanent part of the Batman group. As soon as Chris helped out on a few pages in BATMAN & ROBIN #16, we knew we had someone special in our hands. Chris brings a unique look to Batman-it's difficult to define his style or compare him to others-he's truly an artist in an area all of his own. Readers will be amazed at the artwork he provided for BATMAN, INC. #4 ... and he's already hard at work on issues #6 and #7![gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

Grant Morrison exits BATMAN AND ROBIN in style

I just finished reading this issue and…well: Wow. This is it. Batman vs. Dr. Hurt and the grand finale of Grant Morrison’s masterful run on BATMAN AND ROBIN. But, thankfully, not the end to his over-arching Batman opus, as he and artist Yanick Paquette move over to BATMAN INCORPORATED later this month. So…what happens? How does it end? I’m not telling. It’s something you have to see for yourself on Wednesday when the book comes out. Until then, enjoy the first few pages from the issue, which features the artistic handiwork of Cameron Stewart, Frazer Irving and Chris Burnham.


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