Exclusive Preview of YOUNG JUSTICE #25

It’s the final issue of YOUNG JUSTICE!


In case you missed it, YOUNG JUSTICE has jumped five years ahead to mirror the hit Cartoon Network animated series, Young Justice: Invasion. Today, the epic “Invasion” comes to an action-packed conclusion!


The heroes of the Justice League and Young Justice make their final stand against Kylstar and Brainiac! Will these alien invaders listen to reason? Or are Metropolis and soon the entire planet Earth doomed?



Read what happens between Young Justice episodes in YOUNG JUSTICE VOL.3: CREATURE FEATURES


In the latest trade paperback collection of YOUNG JUSTICE, the super villain Brain is building an army. By capturing gorillas and genetically enhancing their intelligence and abilities, he has created an animal force stronger and smarter than any on earth. Will the team be enough to stop them?


Exclusive Preview of YOUNG JUSTICE #20

The latest issue of YOUNG JUSTICE jumps five years ahead to mirror the hit animated series Young Justice: Invasion, and aliens have invaded earth! Meanwhile, Devastation, an escaped felon and known operative of Queen Bee, is on the loose in Metropolis. But why is she here, and what does she want? And the Young Justice team is about to recruit a new member ... but will he be a good match?


Exclusive Preview of YOUNG JUSTICE #18

Gorillas attack!
Traveling to Gorilla City, the Young Justice team faces an army of enhanced warrior apes. But when Miss Martian is knocked unconscious and the group’s psychic link goes with her, will the team still be able to work together to defeat their attackers? Moreover, what’s the origin of Gorilla City in the first place?


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