Reign of the Superboys: The Strange History of the Boy of Steel

Chances are, if you know anything about Superman, you probably know a little something about Superboy, too. The naming convention is pretty easy to follow and Jon Kent, the current Superboy, has been a pretty prominent character in the DC Universe as of late.

Why Krypto Matters

There are so many iconic Superman supporting characters. Lois Lane always jumps to mind (and I’ll fight anyone who doesn’t agree that she is the most important female character to ever come out of DC…or any other comic book publisher, for that matter). What is interesting about a character of alien origin like Superman is that his supporting cast and crew expands beyond the other characters that inhabit Metropolis or the rest of the planet. And sometimes, they aren’t even human.

Awww, yeah, it’s TINY TITANS time!

If there’s one book that just screams “fun,” it’s TINY TITANS. The book bristles with the pure energy and joy creators Art Balthazar and Franco pour into the book each month. This week’s issue #25 is no exception, especially with special guest writer Geoff Johns, who joins the TINY TITANS duo for a special tale featuring a character that Johns is all-too-familiar with, Conner Kent – and Match?! Let’s see what Art, Franco AND Geoff have got in store. Take it away, gents:
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