Breaking News: Supergirl's Coming Back For Season 2

Kara Zor-El may be Supergirl, but we suspect it’s her fans who are going to feel like they can fly today.

Warner Bros. TV has announced that Supergirl will be back next season for a whole new set of high flying heroics and hopefully an answer to that shocker of a cliffhanger the first season ended on. However, like all good comic books, this story has an intriguing twist.

The Flash - Impossible Man

Actor Tom Cavanagh ("Dr. Harrison Wells") shows us the impossible in this new Flash featurette.

Don't miss The Flash, coming Tuesdays this fall on The CW!

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The Flash - S.T.A.R. Labs Team

Many actors will be appearing on The Flash this fall, but actor Tom Cavanagh ("Dr. Harrison Wells") introduces you to the S.T.A.R.s in this new featurette.

Don't miss The Flash, coming Tuesdays this fall on The CW!

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5.2 Reasons Arrow Strikes the Bullseye of Awesome

Arrow: The Complete First Season hit stores this past Tuesday, and with Season 2 premiering in just a few weeks (October 9!) we figured it was the perfect time to start leisurely re-watching the entire first season in preparation. Paced out, we'd be able to watch an episode a day, starting with the day of release and ending on the exact day of the premiere. It was the perfect plan.

SDCC 2013: Arrow Special Video Presentation and Q&A

This year, DC Comics, Vertigo and MAD Magazine will be taking Comic-Con programming by storm with well over a dozen distinctly exciting panel presentations. That's a lot to stay on top of, and even if you're at the show, chances are you're not going to catch them all. But never fear, we'll be bringing the panels to you as part of our Con Away From Con coverage, right here on

Arrow Special Video Presentation and Q&A
Saturday July 20, 2013 5:15pm - 6:00pm (Ballroom 20)

The Batmobile – Airing Tonight on the CW

If you’re feeling down about the end of San Diego Comic-Con, we may have just the thing.


“The Batmobile” is a special, 30 minute-long documentary airing tonight on the CW that promises an in-depth look at the filmed history of one of the most iconic vehicles in comics and cinema. It’s the perfect postscript to SDCC and a great way to get revved for this Friday’s release of “The Dark Knight Rises.”



Welcome to day two of the DCU in 2011 on THE SOURCE. Throughout the day, we’ll hint at what’s to come for the Man of Tomorrow. We’re kicking things off with an exclusive image we received from our friends at The CW. and it’s… well, I’ll let the image speak for itself.

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